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Go'el - Redeemer

Go'el - Redeemer


I began this painting with only the inkling that I needed to paint a lion roaring - a visual picture which I had only briefly heard mentioned by a prophetic voice and founder of Heart of the Father ministry, Jeremiah Johnson, at the end of last year. Only just last night did I listen back to the rest of the word that He gave to find that it confirmed what God had already showed me about Himself as I painted! Here is the word Jeremiah shared:


“Surely the lions will roar next year. I am giving a voice to a remnant next year. Where are those who are bold? Where are those who are courageous? For surely I will embolden my body, I will cause a spirit of might to come upon them and you will see a spirit of truth begin to rise up in every area of society. The battle will grow fierce says the Lord, but do not be afraid. For when you stand, I will stand with you. When you speak, I will speak with you. I will turn timid Peter’s into Holy Ghost filled men and women of God. There is a fresh Pentecost coming. I am the God of redemption. I am the God of second chances. Do not grow weary. Do not grow faint at heart. Humble yourself under my mighty right hand and I will put my words in your mouth. I will strengthen feeble knees. You will RUN AGAIN. Hope! I give you HOPE this morning, says the Lord."


As I began painting this lion roaring, God brought to my memory the time in C.S. Lewis’ book, The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe, when Aslan began to breathe upon the statues of once-living beings who had been immobilized by the witch’s evil intent. This was confirmed by Jeremiah as he prophesied about the fresh Pentecost that is coming - a fresh baptism of the Holy Spirit, a re-awakening of dead hearts, a refreshing of dreams frozen by time passed, hope deferred that had made the heart sick now raised to life - all by the breath of God, His Holy Spirit. 


Next I asked God, as I have with the last few paintings, which of His names was He wanting to reveal right now and it wasn’t one I was expecting or have ever heard before, but was more relevant than I could have even anticipated.


The name I felt God leading me to is: Go’el.


Go'el is a Hebrew term which comes from the word lig'ol ("to redeem"), hence meaning “redeemer."Again confirmed by Jeremiah’s word earlier, God was wanting to remind me and us that He is One who redeems and defends the weak - giving us second chances and the strength to run again! 


Now the last revelation that I received about this name took me by surprise - Go'el is also an "avenger of blood.” As soon as I found out about this meaning, I also was informed that on top of the extreme abortion legislation that New York just recently passed, Arizona was also about to debate the repeal of all lifesaving measures for babies who survive abortions. As I read about this shameful injustice and was again faced with the gross sin of abortion I felt that I could hear the Lion, Go’el, roaring in vengeance for the innocent blood of these babies who have no voice. Once more I could hear the call from Jeremiah: “Where are those who are bold? Where are those who are courageous?” Will we rise up as well and let God put His roar in us? He said when we stand, He will stand with us. When we speak, He will speak with us! Let us begin to roar in intercession, in speaking out of Truth no matter the cost, and I believe we will see God’s redemption and His Spirit poured out like never before over our Nation!

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