El Kanna Canvas

El Kanna Canvas




It’s an emotion not typically seen in a positive light in our culture and most often elicits a picture in one’s mind of a “green eyed monster” from our not-so-favorite cartoon character or the perpetrator from a murder mystery. Some even mistake jealousy and envy as one and the same thing; however, they are not identical.


So when God started sharing that He wanted me to paint His Name, El Kanna, meaning jealous God, I knew I needed His perspective on this misunderstood aspect of His nature.


It all started during a time of worship one Sunday a few months ago. When I closed my eyes, I suddenly saw a stag staring intensely into my eyes. His gaze was un-breaking and the intensity un-wavering.


In an instant, the vision was gone, but the image of this stag was burned into my mind. I couldn’t help feeling like I was supposed to paint what I saw, so I sketched it in my journal and waited until God’s timing to begin.


It wasn’t until right before I left for my annual women’s retreat that I was able to finally sketch it on a canvas and take it with me to paint during our time together. Little did I know, that as soon I arrived at the home where we would be staying, this exact vision would be played out in real life!


It was a confirmation the Lord didn’t need to provide, but did anyway. Immediately upon stepping into the door to the retreat location, I saw through the glass back door