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Book a Workshop

 Become like a child again during these in-person or online classes & experience the delight of the Lord in artistic expression!


Custom Paintings

Commission a custom, unique, inspired and powerful prophetic painting that will continue to encourage you daily!


Live Painting 

I can paint live at your worship gathering, adding a beautiful visual & prophetic depiction of God's heart.

About Heidi...

Ever since encountering the love of God as a student at Arizona State University, Heidi Ngai knew her art and passion for seeing the beauty all around us would never be the same. After graduating with a degree in fine arts, with an emphasis in painting, she asked the Lord what she should do with her ability to apply a brush to a canvas. To her surprise He seemed to be leading her to simply paint during the worship at her church and trust that He would do the rest....

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About Heidi
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What is Prophetic Art?

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What is prophetic art?

Prophetic art is a work of art which reveals the Father's heart, His thoughts and intent, prophecies, strategies and timetable. It comes with form, line, texture, colors, symbols to enter through the human eyes and senses to lodge like an arrow into the hearts and spirit of men.


There can be completely new images or Biblical references weaved together. These art pieces are beautiful and inspirational. They bring understanding, appreciation and remembrance for what God did in biblical times for the purpose of bringing our hearts closer to Him as well as the revelation that God is communicating now.


Prophetic art is a visual "speech" which must be responded to now. These works come with a sense of immediacy and urgency and timing. Usually it comes in through the eyes and hits the heart in a deep and profound way. 

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